It is appropriate for a nurse aide toshare the information regarding aclient's status with:

  1. any one the nurse aide sees fit

  2. the client's family members

  3. the client's roommate

  4. the staff on the next shift



When getting ready to dress a client,the nurse aide SHOULD:

  1. get the first clothes the nurse aidecan reach in the closet

  2. give the client a choice of what towear

  3. use the clothes the client worethe day before

  4. choose clothes that the nurse aidepersonally likes



The nurse aide notices that a client'smail has been delivered to the client'sroom. The nurse aide SHOULD:

  1. open the mail and leave it on theclient's table

  2. open the mail and read it to theclient

  3. read the mail to make sure itdoesn't contain upsetting news

  4. give the client the unopened mailand offer help as needed



All of the following situations areexamples of abuse or neglect EXCEPT:

  1. restraining a client according to aphysician's order

  2. leaving a client alone in a bathtub

  3. threatening to withhold a client'smeals

  4. leaving a client in a wet andsoiled bed



If a client is sitting in a chair in hisroom masturbating, the nurse aideSHOULD:

  1. report the incident to the othernurse aides

  2. tell the client to stop

  3. laugh and tell the client to go inthe bathroom

  4. leave the client alone and provideprivacy



In giving care according to the client'sBill of Rights, the nurse aide SHOULD:

  1. provide privacy during the client'spersonal care

  2. open the client's mail withoutpermission

  3. use the client's personalpossessions for another client

  4. prevent the client from complaining about care



A client wakes up during the nightand asks for something to eat. Thenurse aide SHOULD:

  1. check client's diet before offeringnourishment

  2. tell the client nothing is availableat night

  3. explain that breakfast is coming inthree hours

  4. tell the client that eating is notallowed during the night



Clients have the right to:

  1. smoke in any area of the facility

  2. have access to a telephone

  3. go anywhere in the facility

  4. see other clients' medical reports



A new client refuses to wear aclothing protector at lunch. Thenurse aide SHOULD:

  1. tell the client that he must wear it

  2. put the clothing protector on theclient

  3. report this to the nurse in charge

  4. respect the client's wishes