The nurse aide is caring for a clientwho is agitated. The nurse aideSHOULD:

  1. speak loudly so the client can hearthe instructions

  2. ask to reassign the care of thisclient

  3. talk in a slow, calm, reassuringmanner

  4. tell the client to be quiet



Which of the following stages ofdying is usually the final stage?

  1. Anger

  2. Acceptance

  3. Bargaining

  4. Depression



The normal aging process is BESTdefined as the time when:

  1. people become dependent andchildlike

  2. Alzheimer's disease begins

  3. normal body functions and sensesdecline

  4. people are over sixty-five years ofage



If a client is confused, the nurse aideshould:

  1. ignore the client until he starts tomake sense

  2. restrain the client so that he doesnot hurt himself

  3. keep the client away from otherclients

  4. help the client to recognizefamiliar things and people



If a nurse aide finds a client who issad and crying, the nurse aide should:

  1. ask the client if something iswrong

  2. tell the client to cheer up

  3. tell the client to stop crying

  4. call the client's family



A client is upset and crying over therecent death of her husband. Howshould the nurse aide respond?

  1. Tell her not to cry because it willmake her feel sad

  2. Close the door and leave theclient to cry alone

  3. Take the client to an activity tohelp her forget her husband

  4. Sit with the client and allow herto talk about her feelings