The client offers a nurse aide atwenty dollar bill as a thank you forall that the nurse aide has done. Thenurse aide SHOULD:

  1. take the money so as not tooffend the client

  2. politely refuse the money

  3. take the money and buysomething for the floor

  4. ask the nurse in charge what to do



Proper use of a waist restraintrequires that the nurse aide:

  1. release the restraint every fourhours

  2. watch for skin irritation

  3. tie restraints to the siderail

  4. apply the restraint tightly so theclient cannot move



The nurse aide is in the employeedining room. A group of nurse aidesare eating lunch together and begindiscussing how rude a certain clientwas acting. The nurse aide SHOULD:

  1. join in the conversation

  2. suggest that this is not the placeto discuss the client

  3. be quiet and not say anything tothe other nurse aides

  4. return to the unit and tell theclient what was said